Basic Knowledge about Art of War: Red Tides- Part 3

Published on 2017-09-27

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1. The Lv2 Medic is a really useful unit which has the capability to receive a considerable amount of damage in the early stages. Even if your enemy is aiming at your Medic, he/she will need a 600 or 800 Soul Essence anti-air unit.

2. The Heavy Flamethrower’s data is pretty remarkable in this version, possessing AOE damage with a defense decreasing capability. As a high HP front-row unit, it can be sent with a Medic and Crossbow tunit(or with the Anti-Armor Interceptor and other inexpensive early stage units)

3. Ground Detector Mobile Radar, it couldn’t be any more useful. It’s a support ground unit which has a remarkable advantage due to its ability to make a cloaked enemy visible when upgraded to Lv2, it’s a highly recommended purchase!

4. The Q-50 Dauntless has pretty impressive damage and an Active AOE explosive Ability, well-suited to 3v3 battles. But this tactic would require your teammates to not use air force..

5. Infiltrator & Grenadier, these two units' damage is not so impressive before being upgraded to Lv3. But they are very useful in speed and rapidity of their attacks. However, with the latest update, the Infiltrator's damage toward turrets is halved, which means their speed is no longer such a powerful force throughout the whole battle. Now they serve more like consumable units that can help you take an early advantage, but would not serve well later in battle as the main force for your troop.

6. Maintenance Engineer, also a recommended unit in this version, as a couple of Lv2 Maintenance Engineer on battlefield can offer sufficient assistance to your mechanical troops. (1 Maintenance Engineer is capable of assisting 2 mechanical troops)

7. The Siege Tank is strengthened considerably in this version, every level upgraded increases a stat point, with astonishing damage & its long range attack capability. It partners very well with the False Rally Commander Skill as this can can execute a specified bombing run, it's the only mechanical Terran troop that can makes burst damage during the late stage, and also the only ground unit that can defend against another two races' late stage ground attacks.

8. Asterion & Ancile’s data isn’t very satisfying in this version, they seem to be seriously weakened (nerfed), the Asterion especially, as it has a tendency to converge on only one object when there are a group of air enemy units, then totally wasting the damage, which makes it not a good anti-air unit, currently not recommended. (Also due to their low HP and defense)

9. The Heavy Cruiser is a new Terran unit that has been updated in this version, and the only Terran air unit that can fight against another two races' late stage air troop, this unit is a must-buy, no matter the cost! Or you will be defenseless facing the mass air-unit battle. (The Heavy Cruiser can only converge on one object, much like the Asterion, but at least it has an AOE attack)

10. The new unit Jump Jet Infantry is a 3v3 early stage tactic troop for contending resources, can float for a short duration and gain an attack increasing buff, but its real effectiveness still needs to be affirmed.

11. The New Multirole Motorcycle unit is currently the most powerful middle stage unit of Terran, anti-ground & air, and is the best choice to form a quick and effective army for the Terran, it even has a small AOE attack that deals real damage when upgraded to Lv3. It will deal burst damage in quick succession. Highly recommended!


Summary: Currently the Terran troop is more suitable for 3v3 battles, as in 1v1 games, the Tank is your only attack unit in the late stages, and your enemy will definitely ban your Tank once he/she knows your race. Along with this you end up with no unit to defend any of the other races. Besides Atlac and Yaoguai’s late stage arrangement is obviously strengthened after the version update, while the Terran has experienced little change, which almost totally crushed Terran’s 1v1 ability. For gamers who love using the Terran, you have to wait a little longer until the next update, or change your avatar in every battle. That’s the trick!