Basic Knowledge about Art of War: Red Tides- Part 2

Published on 2017-09-27

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Elements on the Battlefield

Base: There is a base on either side of the map, destroying the enemy's base is the only goal for winning the battle, bases have high HP and the Largest Shield, after wave 48 the bases will start to automatically reduce HP, if two bases are blown up at the same time, then both sides will be determined as the loser.

Turrets: Both sides from the base to the middle of the map have 3 turrets, labeled outpost, mid turret and inner turret, with every inner turret having a higher Damage and more Attack Units, the inner turret is equipped with the Detector ability.

Neutral units: in the centre of the map exist neutral units, breaking them will award you with a specific reward, the Stats and breaking rewards of neutral units are varied with different maps.

Recourse system

Soul Essence: For producing units and using race skills. There will be a specific amount of Soul Essence when the battle starts, after that it’s mainly gained by mining, at wave 5 and wave 25 the mine can be upgraded costing Soul Essence in order to increase the mining speed (the upgrade cost, upgraded speed and upgrade time point could be varied), some runes can increase the initial Soul Essence amount and upgraded collect speed. Completing specified in-game goals (Annihilated, Smashed, Revenged, etc), some Commander Skills and map elements can also produce rewards in Soul Essence.

Coin: in battle, coins are used to allow the use of Commander Skills, gained by killing enemy units. As with Soul Essence, some runes and map elements can also produce coins reward.

Tech Point: for strengthening units, every unit has 3 upgrade levels with different Tech Point amount needs, not only the Stats will increase, but also some special skill will be added. Killing a specified amount enemy units will awards you Tech Points, every player can receive 12 Tech Points at most (could be varied).

That's all about battles, now the only thing you should do is send your army and ravage your enemy.Strongly recommend that newcomers play 3v3 PVE battles to get familiar with units and tactics (don't think PVE battles are easy to win, better to have an experienced gamer leading you to get a head start).About the tactics, I won't discuss them here, as everyone has their own ideas and in each version there are varied tricks to shorten your path to victory, the endless changes is Red Tides greatest charm.