Basic Knowledge about Art of War: Red Tides- Part 1

Published on 2017-09-27

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1. General introduction of Red Tides

Art of War: Red Tides is a fast paced global real-time team arena game. You can choose between 3 races; Atlac, Terran and Yaoguai to form your army and participate in 1v1 or 3v3 battles, use your brilliant tactics and powerful Commander Skills to defeat your enemy’s base and get the victory.

The rules are easily summarized in 3 simple phrases:

1. Arrange your army: choose a race, form an army card group with 10 units at most, arrange your race skill and participate the battle;

2. Send your army: when starting a battle, in the first 18 seconds of preparation time, observe the situation, speculate on your enemy’s intention, choose matched units and units’ number sent on the battle;

3. Destroy your enemy’s base: after constantly defeat enemy’s units, cooperate with your ally using your Commander Skills to destroy the 3 turrets on the way to the base and finally get your victory.


The things you need to collect and raise are as follows:

Units: the basic element to form the army, the more units you have, the more types of armies you can form, and more tactics you can choose, it’s the core of the whole game.

Runes: the only way to upgrade your units’ stats, the more runes you have, the more you can freely upgrade your army, and the higher level your runes are, the stronger its upgrade effect is;

Level: you can get exp from battles, and your Commander level will upgrade when the exp reaches the specified amount, every time your level upgrades you will receive specific units and runes as a reward;

Skills: Commander Skills can consolidate your advantages, reverse the battle situation (skills will be unlocked with level upgrading, about 40 battles are needed to unlock all the skills).


There are 3 kinds of tokens in the game:

Coins: for unlocking units, purchasing(refreshing) and upgrading runes, opening supply drops, it’s the main token of Red Tides, can be gained by: battle, daily quests, unlocking achievements.

Gems: for unlocking specified units, opening supply drops, it’s the second token of Red Tides. Gained by: unlocking achievements.

Eternium Ingot: for unlocking units, purchasing skins, as a substitute to Gems in order to purchase items, can be gained by buying with real money, mainly used for purchasing decorations and strengthening props. Its value is equal to Coin.


2. Introduction of Red Tides' battle system

Preparation before the battle

Before you start a battle, you need to arrange your units.

Click the “Army Setup” button on the main menu to enter the setup page. There are 10 cells on the page that represent the selected units, below are optional units. The units you still don’t have are in gray, and the others are existed units.

Every optional type of unit could have multiple different units, it will be shown after you click it.

Here you can choose the unit to be involved in your card group (selected units are marked with a check mark), you can choose multiple units of the same type at the same time.

The number below the unit's avatar is the amount of Soul Essence that the unit costs in battle, be aware that the number is the unit price of every single unit.

Normally you should ensure that your army arrangement includes units for the early, mid and late stages of the game, which are divided by wave 5 and the wave 25. Those don’t require you to spend currency on Research are units for early game, those that require currency to be spent on Research cheaper than the price of a unit are for mid game, and those troops whose Research Cost equal that of the unit prices are for late game (Research Cost is the extra Soul Essence costed for first producing the unit; the Kamikaze Beetle of Yaoguai is a unit for early and mid game even though its Research Cost is way higher than unit price).

After finish arranging your army card group and save the army arrangement, you also need to set the race skill. The race skills of Atlac, Terran and Yaoguai are "Tech Switch",  "Transformation" and "Immolation".

"Tech Switch": the Tech Switch selected unit's Research Cost and be returned in battle through spending Soul Essence, is costs 18 seconds.

"Transformation": the Transformation selected unit can be transformed in battle into specified unit through spending Soul Essence.

"Immolation": when sell the Immolation selected unit, it will return 90% product cost and all of the spent Research Cost.

After finish setting the race skill, you can save the arrangement.