Art of War: Red Tides - Terran Civilization under the threat of Great Whales

Published on 2017-09-27

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Art of War: Red Tides: Terran Civilization under the threat of Great Whales

In the single-server, real-time multiplayer strategy game of Art of War: Red Tides, it’s easy to notice that Terran units wear heavy armor and hold strange weapons. Many mechanical units including different cruisers are very common to see in the Terran. That’s because the Terran are physically inferior in comparison to the other races in this vast universe. But fortunately they’re blessed with high IQ and the capapbility to build many highly advanced technologies to contend with their enemies. It’s their knowledge and wisdom that helps them to survive and prosper under the threat of Atlac.


Origin of civilization: Mars

The Terran civilization originated from Mars. When the Terran civilization developed into the Forth Era Terran Civilization, they realized that resources on Mars could no longer support their needs. Therefore, they chose Earth as their future home, modified it as a livable planet for them and began to migrate. At the same time, the highest parliament Lemuria passed the Titius Bill, allowing them to transform the planet Maldek between Jupiter and Saturn into a planetary prison and detain all criminals there. Coincidentally, the Third Era Terran Civilization was discovered on Maldek. Dark forces started a prison riot and took the civilizations relics. Things began to get out of control due to most prisoners being detained in a high-intelligence prison environment.

Three months later, Maldek declared independence and demanded Lemuris to disarm and surrender. The Terran had no choice but to extract the energy of Mars's core to drive the ultimate weapon the "Gun of the Galaxy" to destroy the whole planet. Since then, there're only 9 planets left in their solar system.


New colony planet: Earth

After firing the "Gun of the Galaxy", Mars's atmosphere was also seriously damaged, making it unable for the Terran to live there any longer. The highest parliament built a new government on Earth's new continent Atlantide and sent a cruiser fleet to hunt fugitives that fled from Maldek.

The fugitives that survived the "Gun of the Galaxy" attack are either highly-intelligent or physically superior due to the advanced knowledge received from the Third Era Terran Civilization, especially gene agent knowledge. This helped those fugitives to modify their bodies genetically to fit the planets extreme environment. Also, they armed themselves with ancient armors found in a military museum and thus the original forms of marksmen, crossbowmen, catapults, iron birds and so on were created. And those that chased after them were armed to teeth with boar scholars, javelin machines, asterions and so on.


Encounter of civilizations

Fugitives followed by chasers, landed on a blue planet after running out of fuel and woke the Atlac who rested there in the Deep Ocean. In order to survive and combat against this overwhelming force, fugitives and chasers had to join hands together and fight. This is the Terran's first encounter with an alien civilization.

In the year 2025 of Forth Era Terran Civilization, Terran lost the war due to the wake of a Great Whale in the Atlac forces and were then expelled out of the planet. But Terran's colony army is ready to take its revenge. The war has just begun!


Terran developed their technology rapidly with the discovery of a relic from a lost civilization. So we can see in the game that Terran units are all equipped with all kinds of sophisticated weapons. These units may be fragile, but their output damage is stunning, making them difficult to be beaten once they form into a group. The war of the Terran, Atlac and Yaoguai has just begun. Commanders, take the chance to stamp your name on the page of history!