【Update】: Command Academy, Balance Adjustment and Optimization

Published on 2017-09-27

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Update: Command Academy, Balance Adjustment and Optimization

Greeting Commanders:    

We're happy to announce that the new update is now available with the following new content: Command Academy, a single player mode that can help new commander and bring some challenges to veteran commander. Also featuring the second patch of War Zone, now commander can select country and fight with honor!

The server maintenance will take about 2 hours and be held on:


00:50 PDT September 19h
08:50 GMT September 19h
15:50 GMT+8 September 19h

Key Improvements

1.Command Academy come on stage!


Command Academy is aimed at getting familiar with all the units and learning strategies, allowing commander to get ready for the further competition. Commander can scroll through the enemy’s army setup to determine what units to build by using fixed amount of essences.

There are totally 36 game levels, commander can unlock new academy by leveling up.

Achievement and Rewards

Honors Student: Successfully pass the 1/18/36 academy levels, will be rewarded with Coins and Avatar. Successfully pass each level the first time will be rewarded with Coins and Gems, repeatedly challenge will not receive any rewards.


2.War Zone the second patch, global conflict setting off!

Remove United Front and Federation war zone, commander will be assigned to your physical location War Zone Country. Some of the commander will be assigned to international alliance, in the future we will have more country war zone in order to allowing commanders can serve their own country. If you were not assigned to the correct War Zone, don’t worry, you can change your War Zone for free once, after that you will need to buy the Warzone Change.

War Zone conflict has been set to two tiers, the first tier is Allied Team VS National Team, the second tier is National Team VS National Team:

  National Team includes three commander with the same War Zone, otherwise is Allied Team

  The First Tier matches will receive half contribution as the second tier

  Added War Zone matches chest drop, complete the second tier will be rewarded with Chest

  Temporarily closed region leaderboard, it will be reopened soon after optimization


When the second tier match was encountered, commander’s Avatar will be replaced with National banner Avatar.

Since the rules of National Banner Avatar has been redesigned, we reclaimed all the National Banner Avatar. Now commanders’ Avatar will have their War Zone Flag shown on the bottom left.


3.2v2 Ranked will be closed temporarily in the near future

During Season 0, 2v2 has been very popular and it has exceed our expectation. But through this season’s observation, we found out that 2v2 Ranked still can be optimized. Within a few days, we will temporarily close 2v2 Ranked to optimize its features, after optimization it will be opened again.


Balance Adjustment 

What we did to the balance adjustment are based on tremendous match-up data from the game, and analyze the overall improvement relied on player’s feedback. Balance adjustment will be a long-term process, sufficient amount of time is needed to make sure every adjustment is effective and sound reasonable, so please be patient and stay with us, our goal is to provide players with diverse strategies and better game experience.

We optimized the fast-pace gameplay by increasing the initial speed of all units and decreasing all units’ HP




Price increased from 2300 to 2500, damage dealt to the ground decreased from 45 to 27



Price increased from 2300 to 2500, the number of missiles shoot to ground decreased from 3 to 1


Siege Tank

Price increased from 2700 to 2900, Siege Mode duration decreased from 18s to 12s


Multirole Tank

Price increased from 2700 to 2900


Other balance adjustment

1.The middle tower HP decreased from 2000/2250/2500 to 1500/2000/2500

2.Base HP decreased from 10000 to 6666

3.Stats for all Runes increased, Rune system open to level 7

Bug fixed

Fixed the problem that Great Vajra missing attack action



1.After completing Quick Play and Ranked game, there is a chance to get awarded with Chest, completing the second tier of border conflict will get a bigger Chest with more rewards

2.Optimized the Auto-Translation in game

3.Added a feedback column in the setting

4.17 skins has been removed from the Store, commander who already has those skins can still use them

5.Supply Drop and Rare Supply Drop in the store will not give you any Units or Unit Blueprint, price for them remain the same