Red Tides FAQ about the Game

Published on 2017-08-22

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About the game

Q: Why did my units stop keeping refreshing?

A: Once you have units more than 120 on battle they will stop refreshing.


Q: Can the Commander Skills be canceled when use?

A: Yes. During the 10 seconds countdown, you could click the cancel button on upper left of your screen or use the ESC key on your keyboard to cancel the commander skill.


Q: When can I upgrade my Soul Essence mine?

A: When reach the beginning of wave 5 and wave 25.


Q: How does the ranking BP system work?

A: Both side will have 1 skill and 1 unit banned from rank BRONZE to PLATINUM, 1 skill and 2 units banned at ranks higher than DIAMOND.


Q: Will increasing the unit attack range affect active ability attack range?

A: Yes.


Q: How much are the population caps of the 3 races?

A: 60 for Terran, 50 for Atlac, 70 for Yaoguai.


Q: Why did my units directly pass over the enemy units instead of attacking?

A: The units will keep advancing when there is no enemy within their attack range(e.g. your anti-air unit VS non-air units enemy) until they encounter attackable objects.


Q: Can AOE attacks deal damage to cloaked units?

A: Yes.


Q: Will Cooldown Reduction increase units’ attack speed?

A: Yes. Units’ normal attack can be counted among skills, Cooldown Reduction will increase their attack speed.


Q: Why could those others upgrade their mines faster than me?

A: Overseer Rune can reduce mine upgrading time.


Q: What will I lose when sell the units to change tactics?

A: You can only get 50% Soul Essence back and no research cost from selling the units; with Yaoguai’s Immolation skill you can get 90% Soul Essence and research cost back.


Q: How can I get units’ Tech Points returned?

A: Selling all your units can return all of the Tech Points; Terran’s Tech Switch skill can return Tech Points at anytime.


Q: When is the decisive battle?

A: Commander Skills cannot be used after end of the wave 46; during the wave 46, wave 47 and wave 48 are the last chances of adjusting troops on positions.


Q: Will the level award be wasted if I unlock in advance the units that to be unlocked with level upgrade?

A: Same valued unit’s blueprint will be awarded.


Q: What if I get the same supply loot that I already have?

A: Supply chest won’t drop existing loot.