Look over here new comers of Red Tides-- Before you reach Lv.40, what exactly should you do?

Published on 2017-08-16

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Quickly getting start with Red Tides

When you just get in touch with this game and finished the tutorial, you suddenly found that are so many buttons to click and so many multifarious units to know, different runes that you have never seen. For a while as new comers we could be really lost, spend our coins on a bunch of strange items and soon find out ourselves in regret tears. So, what exactly should we do to make less mistakes and quickly become like a boss? Okay then, hen here we go...

All in all, its: upgrade, save money, watch what do those bosses do.


1. Upgrade

The most important meaning of upgrade is unlocking units and Commander Skills. The units you received at the beginning are enough for you to know this game at the early stage, so I don’t recommend you to buy more units before you reach Lv.40 (just ignore this part if you are a millionaire). Play more to get feel which race you prefer and how is the game designed while upgrading is the best way for a new comer.

Before you reach Lv.40, every time your level upgrades you will receive a new unit or a Commander Skill, once you get it, practice it several times to learn how do they work, this will definitely do you some good afterward.

In game you can view the items you will receive when you reach the next level.

Click the Dailies button on the bottom right corner and this page will be shown.

2. Save money

Saving money is for purchasing units and runes.

Every unit in this game can be purchased by coins, so being reach is your first step for being powerful.

For now there are 3 types of token in game


Coin: used for purchasing units, runes and call supply drops. Supply boxes will drop unit blueprints(it will be converted into coins when you recruit the same unit, or you can recruit directly the unit with sufficient blueprints), units, runes and such items(include limited skins and avatars).

How to get: you can get coins through battles, completing daily quests or unlocking achievements.

You can also click the coin icon in game to view specific methods of how to get coins(the red circle).

Gem: Used for purchasing specified units, refreshing runes store, purchasing runes, etc.

How to get: currently the main method of getting Gems is unlocking achievements, and during every Season, you can get specified amount of Gems depending on your rank.


Some of the gamers say that fortunes come along with maintenance, but that doesn’t work for Red Tides. So far I only got Gems once for the routine update delay, but we received 520 Gems when first month test, moooooved!


Eternium Ingot: used for purchasing skins and boosts, like name change card. Can also be used for unlocking units, or converted into Gems when you are lack of gems for specified items, the exchange rate is 1:1.

How to get: purchase with real money.


How to save money?

Battle everyday, whether you lose or win you can always get money, it’s just more for the winner. PVP battles drop more than PVE battles.

But what’s more important than saving is how to spend wisely.

IMO the best way is to spend your Gems and Eternium Ingots on units, Coins for runes. But that’s also different for everyone, if you don’t wanna spend real money in this game, in the early stage you could concentrate on purchasing units of one specific race, and choose those most valuable units to but(which are the “valuable” units? We will discuss that in the “watch what do those bosses do” section).

An obvious advantage of concentrating on the units of one specific race is that, you will practice repeatedly on this race, which helps you deeply acknowledge their trait and Commander Skills.

Besides, don’t open supply drops unless you are a millionaire. Using those Coins to unlock units can bring you more benefits than betting on those supply boxes. But, if you are really so obsessed with those awesome fancy dazzling skins... well, go ahead. Maybe you could collect all of the units and runes.


3. Check how does top player play the Game

Red Tides is true a bit difficult to get start with. Normally you could successively lose 5 battles, it’s basically another daily quest. Watching what do those top players do is learning how do they fight the battles, what units and runes do they use. So where can we find them? First you

could join some Red Tides QQ groups, second you could also see them in the game. Open the “

Profile - Leaderboard”, click their avatars and you will see there recent battle records.

Their card groups, Commander Skills and runes can be seen here.

The information you can get from there battle records are:

1. How do they arrange groups. Proportions of every different levels units; options of anti-ground, anti-air and anti air & ground groups; how do they choose ranged and long-range units.

2. Which units are stronger. If everyone who plays this race takes a specific units in their card group, it normally means that this unit is more powerful. Then you could consider purchasing it as the first priority when you buy new units.

3. How to arrange skills. Generally speaking we arrange a expensive skill with a cheap skill plus a yellow race skill. But exactly which one to take is also need to be considered, it would be safer to take a attack skill + a support skill. For example, Siege Engine + Flare, or Force Field + Mega-Beam Cannon. For us new comers these matches are easy to handle while efficient enough.

But Commander Skills are considerably influential to battle situations and need to be discussed

with more details, for now we just leave it here.

When watch some youtubers’ gameplay you could concentrate on:

1. Units arrangement in battle. We don’t always use every unit in our card groups, so when watch gameplay it’s easier to learn which unit to use, how much to produce and when to dispatch.

2. Commander Skills. I have mentioned that Commander Skills are considerably influential to battle situations, in some extreme situation someone could even change the whole battle with releasing one Commander Skill. So learning how to seize the chance of using Commander Skill is our most important mission when watch others’ gameplays.

3. Tactics and tricks. This is something different than simple units arrangement. Good arrangement can ensure you basic combat capability, but some tactics and tricks are way more flexible and tricky, it’s a short path to win. But most of the tactics are just temporary before they got crippled by game designers or cracked by other gamers.


Okay, let’s end it here. So, simply doing these will make me a top player? Don’t be naive, you still have so much to learn, units, runes, skills, just look forward the next guide!