Art of War: Red Tides is about to launch on mobile platform

Published on 2017-09-27

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Art of War: Red Tides, the real-time multiplayer strategy game is coming for mobile users soon! 

It's confirmed that Art of War: Red Tides, the very popular game in Steam, will begin to test on mobile platforms in late August. Although games transferred from Steam to mobile clients are not rare to see, Art of War: Red Tides is definitely the one worth looking forward to with its challenging strategy mode and unique future war art style!


Win the war with only one hand

As a fast-paced strategy game, choose between three different races including Atlac, Terran and Yaoguai and battle it out in 1V1 or 3V3 battles. The side who destroys enemy’s base first wins! The operation of this game is very simple: click or tap your desired unit. However, to win the battle is not as simple. As a commander, you need to carefully analyze the current situation of the battle before deciding your next move. Your quick and strategic thinking will decide the fate of battle!


Just like a magnificent sci-fi film

The glittering planets witnessed at the beginning of the game create an illusion of watching a blockbuster sci-fi film and the interface of a dark blue universe shows a heavy futuristic style. Along with this, all units in each of the 3 races are exquisitely designed. If you observe carefully, you'll see the mysterious totem carved on the shield of Raging Minotaur and the mysterious helmet on the head of the Infiltrator. There are more than 120 units with a unique style available for you to choose in-game! 


More than 200 unique forces raging in an intergalactic war

As a commander in this real-time strategy game, you are going to take full control of your land, air and even invisible units and adjust your strategy according to your enemy’s plans. It's worth to noting that more than 200 units can exist on screen at once with clear images and amazing special effects to provide you with a dramatic and breathtaking war experience!


Following the successful performance on Steam; Art of War: Red Tides will soon come to the mobile platform in order to make it more convenient for players all over the world enjoy, anytime and anywhere. In the near-future, more platforms will be integrated, including PC, mobile devices and hosts. Commanders, prepare for to challenge others from all around the world in this race for intergalactic supremacy!