【Update】: Global War Zone, Speeding up gameplay, Balance&Bug fixes

Published on 2017-09-27

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Greeting Commanders!


An exciting update approaches! With this major patch, we are bringing you the Global War Zone, commanders can represent their war zone and fight for the glory! We also speed-up the entire gameplay, which guarantee the fast-paced game features and reduce the total game time. Update also includes some balance adjustment and bug fixes.


The server maintenance will take about 2 hours and be held on:

00:50 PDT September 1st
08:50 GMT September 1st
15:50 GMT+8  September 1st

Key Improvements:


1.Global War Zone, Fight for your Glory!


Global War Zone system is released in this update, based on your location, commanders are divided into two War Zone: United Front and The Federation. Enter the global war zone system in the main interface, commanders can reset their war zone, check war zone record and leaderboard, get the information of your war zone levels and contribution.


How to start a War Zone Battle?

When commanders queue for a 3v3 Ranked game, if both teams are belong to two different war zones, then the system will trigger a war zone battle, in the preparation phase, both teams will need to ban/pick for units and commander skills just as in Ranked mode.



After competition, both team can receive battle points, the winner team receive more points. Battle points will turn into war zone power, used for promoting war zone, battle points will also increase your war zone level.


War Zone Achievement

Frontier Warrior: War Zone levels reach to 10/50/100, stage1/2 is rewarded with Gems, stage3 is rewarded with special Avatar

Blood Prime: Won 1/50/100 war zone battles, stage1/2 is rewarded with Gems, stage3 is rewarded with special Avatar


2.Speed-up the gameplay

Decrease the time of each turn from 18 seconds to 12 seconds

Essence mine collecting rate increased from 25/40/80 to 35/75/120


3.Adding brand new battle feedback

Now new commanders will receive an in-game voice guide for deploying the appropriate units

System will display our side and enemy side's most-killed units, to let you know which unit has the most threat


4.Arena is closed

Arena – Joint Operation is officially ended, we are really appreciated your active experiencing and feedback during this time. Arena will be back in the near future, gameplay might be replaced. We will change the way of getting the final prize instead of getting from boxes by luck, so the unlucky commanders can also achieve the final prize by continuously play in the Arena




What we did to the balance adjustment are based on tremendous match-up data from the game, and analyze the overall improvement relied on player’s feedback. Balance adjustment will be a long-term process, sufficient amount of time is needed to make sure every adjustment is effective and sound reasonable, so please be patient and stay with us, our goal is to provide players with diverse strategies and better game experience.




Jump Jet Infantry

Initial floating time decreased from 8s to 7s, initial floating attack damage decreased from 24 to 12

Upgrade adjustments:

Lv1: Floating time extend to 10s

Lv2: Floating attack damage increased by 50%

Lv3: Floating time extend to 15s


Anti-Armor Interceptor

Attack decreased from 56 to 40

Upgrade adjustments:

Lv1: Attack +11%

Lv2: Attack 2 targets at a time

Lv3: Inflict 250% more damage to mechanical units


Stealth Interceptor

Attack decreased from 70 to 55


A-76 Mortus

Attack decreased from 50 to 35

Upgrade adjustments:

Lv1: Attack range increased to 15

Lv2: Attack+20%

Lv3: Inflict 250% more damage to biological units





Cost increased from 1500 to 1900

Upgrade adjustment:

Lv1: Shoot 2 arrows at a time, deals 130% damage in total

Lv2: Attack Speed +15%

Lv3: Arrow inflict 250% damage to biological unit



Cost increased from 1800 to 2200, population increased from 20 to 3, tech points needed for upgrading stats increased from 1/2/3 to 2/3/3

Upgrade adjustment:

Lv1: Release Rain of Arrows for each 8s

Lv2: Attack +15%

Lv3: When entering the battle, each basic attack releases Rain of Arrows last for 12 seconds


Other balance adjustment

 Terran’s trait Elite Troops unit cost increased from 10%(primary units)/ 20%(ultimate units) to 15%/30%


Bug fix

Fixed the bug when using commander skills Mind Control and Polymorph, the monkey warriors come out belong to enemy.


We hope you enjoy these latest changes to The Art of War: Red Tides. Your advice and feedback are valuable, don’t hesitate to share any thoughts on the game with us!


See you on the battlefield,

The Art of War: Red Tides Team