【Update】New 1V1 Mode, Improvements and Bug Fixes

Published on 2017-08-07

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We will have a server maintenance to deploy improvements, balance, bug fixes and so on. The maintenance is expected to last 2 hours and will start at:

00:50 PDT August 03

07:50 GMT August 03

15:50 GMT+8 August 03


Key Improvement

The long-awaited 1v1 Joint Operation is coming!

This new 1v1 mode is set as an event in Arena, and it adopts a different game mechanics where players can use new strategies.



1. The Joint Operation will be available as an event in Arena.

2. Players can play one round for free every 7 days. Five victories or two defeats will end this free round.

3. Coins are required to buy tickets for new rounds. Ticket price will increase based on how many rounds a player has attended in 7 days. Ticket will drop to its lowest price at the beginning of the next 7-day period.

4.Players are allowed to choose two formations containing 20 units, and build 6 units from them in battle. Two formations belong to two different races.

5. Then players can choose three commander skills from those two races.



1. Click the “Find Match” button and players will be matched according to their total victories in that round.

2.Battle preparation page is shown as below:

3.Players can choose two formations they have set in Army Setup. Please note that the two formations should belong to two different races.

4.The population cap will be the average population caps of the two chosen races.

5.The order of different units spawned each wave will be recalculated and rearranged.


Rewards and Leaderboard:

1. In each round, five victories or 2 defeats will end that round.

2.For each victory, players will be rewarded with coins.

3.For the third and fifth victory, players will be rewarded with bonus supply drops.

4.Core runes that can boost commander skills may be acquired from such supply drops.

5.Exclusive skins and avatars may be acquired from such supply drops.

6.Added two new achievements:

a)Joint Victory: achieve 5/10/25 victories in Joint Operation. Unlock 3 stars to gain an exclusive avatar.

b) Winning Streaks: achieve 1/5/10 five-winning-streaks in Joint Operation. Unlock 3 stars to gain an exclusive avatar.

7.During the Joint Operation event, there will be a new leaderboard displaying players’ rankings based on their total victories in Joint Operation.

8.When in Joint Operation, players can neither unlock the following achievements: Captain General, Whale King, Chieftain, Assassinator, Ninja, Razorclaw, Terran Skill, Atlac Skill and Yaoguai Skill, nor complete daily quests relating to killing units, playing games and winning games.



The adjustments on the unit/commander skill/racial trait balance of Art of War: Red Tides are always based on tremendous battle data from players. We also refer to players’ feedback. Such work is a long-lasting process, and we need sufficient time to test so as to guarantee that the adjustments are effective and reasonable. Therefore, commanders, please bear with us our regular balance adjustments, because these work is intended to provide you with more strategies and tactics, as well as better game experience.


1.      Terran

l  Unit

l  HEF Flamethrower

Attack damage decreased from 11 to 8.

l  Commander Skill

l  Anti-Tank Gun

Armor increased from 4 to 6, and HP increased from 400 to 500.


2.      Atlac

l  Unit

l  Thunder Hierophant

Basic attack and active abilities now cannot deal damage to enemy air units.

l  Storm Hierophant

Basic attack and active abilities now cannot deal damage to enemy air units.

l  Vajra

Vajra now doesn’t have shield before upgrading.

Upgrade Adjustments:

Lv.1: Acquires shield and cannot take more than 16 damage from an attack.

Lv.2: Cannot take more than 10 damage from an attack.

Lv.3: Shield increases by 40%.

l  Commander Skill

l  Lightning Tower

Armor increased from 4 to 6, but HP decreased from 600 to 500.

l  Essence Recycler

Armor increased from 4 to 6.


3.      Yaoguai

l  Unit

l  Gazer

Cost increased from 400 to 500.

l  Restoration Deer

Attack damage decreased from 20 to 15, armor decreased from 5 to 3, and HP decreased from 150 to 130. Energy consumption of its active ability increased from 10 to 20, healing targets decreased from 3 to 2, and HP restored decreased from 35 to 30. Each time its healing wave passes to the next friendly unit, the HP restored will decrease by 30%.

Upgrade Adjustments:

Lv.1: Heal max. 3 targets at a time.

Lv.2: HP restored +30%

Lv.3: HP restored +30%, and energy consumption reduced by 10


Other Balance

1.      Eyeball, the detector summoned by the Gazer will now count as 1 population among the 120 population cap on the battlefield. Once the 120 population cap is reached, players cannot add more units unless the total population drops.

2.      The fire spit by the Dragon of Soul Essence now only deals damage to ground units.

3.      The Dragon Cub’s attack speed decreased from 1.6s to 2s.

4.      The bombs dropped by the Mechanohound now can inflict damage on both ground and air units at the target location.

5.      When the Mechanohound starts to aid a team, it now only launches missiles to attack. Its attack speed increased from 5s to 2.5s.

6.      The cost of Tech Switch decreased from 5% per unit to 1% per unit.


Bug Fixes

1.      Fixed the bug of the Restoration Deer not healing friendly units when there is no mechanical unit on the battlefield.

2.      The Restoration Deer now doesn’t heal buildings.

3.      The Medivac now doesn’t heal mechanical units.

4.      Now if a player hasn’t reached commander level 15, s/he won’t be assigned daily quests relating to ranked games.

5.      Fixed the bug of the Iron Maiden dealing damage to units outside its attack range after it crashes.

6.      Fixed the incorrect friend online status.

7.      Fixed the mismatch between commander skill names and icons in battle.

8.      Fixed the occasional mismatch between commander names and avatars when players chat, use commander skills or send emotes.

9.      Fixed the Lightning Tower’s attack not showing special effect.

10.  Fixed the incorrect look of summoned units/buildings’ HP bar.


Commanders, thanks for your support. The faster you can offer feedback, the quicker we can respond to bugs and problems. We will continue to collect your opinions and advice, so again, please don’t hesitate to share them with us below!


See you on the battlefield,

The Art of War: Red Tides Team